Inglewood Transit Connector Project Industry Forum

On Wednesday, March 17th, the City of Inglewood hosted the Inglewood Transit Connector (ITC) Project Industry Forum—a virtual meeting to formally introduce the transformational project to the Inglewood community and other key regional stakeholders. Moderated by Chris Robert from The Robert Group (TRG), the forum kicked off with a presentation by Mayor James Butts about Inglewood’s rise to prominence over the years as a world class sports and entertainment center and soon-to-be regional transportation hub.

Mayor Butts went on to highlight that the 1.6-mile elevated automated transit system will consist of three stations connecting the Metro Crenshaw/LAX Line to Downtown Inglewood/Market Street, The Forum, SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park and the Inglewood Basketball and Entertainment Center (IBEC). He noted that the ITC will play a critical role during major sporting events and concerts and will be especially important during the 2028 Summer Olympic Games where the City of Inglewood will host the Opening and Closing Ceremonies at the new SoFi Stadium.

District 62 California State Assemblymember, Autumn Burke, and District 35 California State Senator, Steven Bradford expressed their fervent support for the project and were keen to recognize the Mayor’s outstanding leadership and initiative in making these transformational projects a reality. Metro CEO, Phil Washington, voiced his support for the project on behalf of Metro and noted that although the ITC will not be part of the LA Metro system, it will be instrumental in improving connectivity between Inglewood and the greater Los Angeles area.

TRG is currently spearheading the community outreach and engagement efforts for the Environmental Impact Review (EIR) and certification process. Our team is excited to see the ITC’s transformative impact on mobility to and from our legendary City.