Los Angeles Metro

Airport Metro Connector 96th Street Transit Station

The Airport Metro Connector (AMC) project will dramatically improve access to LAX by adding an additional Metro station on the Crenshaw/LAX Line at Aviation Boulevard/96th Street. The AMC transit station will interface with LAWA’s Automated People Mover (APM), directly connecting people to LAX’s Central Terminal Area, the future Consolidated Rental Car facility (CONRAC), and a ground transportation hub, referred to as the Intermodal Transportation Facility (ITF).

In June 2014, the Metro Board of Directors approved adding the station to serve as a transit gateway into LAX, making access in and out of the airport more efficient. In February 2015, Metro conducted scoping meetings to brief elected officials and community members on the project to solicit public comments and concerns regarding the project. In the summer of 2016, the project underwent an Environmental Review and in December 2016, the Metro Board of Directors approved and certified the Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which included responses to 74 comments received during the 46-day formal comment period of the Draft EIR that conduced on August 6, 2016. The project will now enter the design phase showcasing station design elements and holding design charrettes and stakeholder briefings.

TRG is responsible for supporting the community engagement effort for the project scoping and environmental review. Efforts include implementation of the community participation plan, coordinating with local media, engaging with diverse stakeholder groups, organizing outreach and community events, facilitating meetings, and assisting in the social media outreach. Following the scoping and stakeholder meetings, and public hearings, TRG will begin to coordinate outreach efforts around the design phase.

For more information, visit the project page here.