Los Angeles Metro

North San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor

In June 2018, Metro launched the North San Fernando Valley BRT (NSFV BRT) Transit Corridor project for an approximately 28-month simultaneous schedule that will include planning and environmental clearance. Metro is working to meet the growing demand for transit in the northern portion of the San Fernando Valley and to make transit service more accessible, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of the diverse communities it serves. The project was identified and funded by Measure M. The current phase of the project will better define the project corridor and route options, evaluate them and design a path forward for environmental clearance and advance the project into conceptual design.

The Robert Group (TRG) leading the public engagement kicked off the project by preparing a separate Public Engagement Plan (PEP) for each project that strategically targets unique demographics, language needs, geography, and stakeholders in each project area.

TRG is also responsible for developing an easily navigable project database that both incorporates major stakeholders in the project area and categorizes those stakeholders. Led by Metro Community Relations and Government Relations team, TRG assists in the arrangement and logistical planning for stakeholder briefings with elected officials, staff, and/or government agencies, including assistance with securing meeting venues. Given the controversial nature of this project, TRG has worked closely with Metro to address environmental justice issues, stakeholder diversity, and engaging disenfranchised populations. TRG led these outreach efforts by coordinating community workshops and pop-up events, like the Kaiser Permanente Farmers Market and Latino Expo in Panorama City, engaging with CSUN students on campus, as well as other community events, and coordinating with local organizations.

In the fall of 2023, the project commenced implementation, following TRG's facilitation of community meetings, unveiling of the project Storymap, and completion of transit rider intercepts and video recordings showcasing project's beneficial influence on both CSUN students and the wider community.  With the project now underway, completion is anticipated by winter 2025.

For more detailed updates on the project's progress, please visit the official project page here.