City of Los Angeles


Launched in July 2017, RecycLA is a new public/private partnership that creates a recycling and waste collection services program for all commercial, industrial, and large multifamily customers in the City of Los Angeles. As part of the City’s commitment to enhance the quality of life in Los Angeles, the new program will move the City closer to achieving “zero waste” through waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and recovery programs.

The goals of the program include creating a customer-focused, data driven program to reduce LA’s waste, reducing City landfill disposal by 1 million tons per year by 2025, achieving a citywide recycling rate of 90% by 2025, and decreasing methane-producing food waste. The program will also help improve air quality and working conditions and increase food rescue and reuse programs.

RecycLA divides the City into zones that will be served exclusively by one waste collection company, which means fewer trucks congesting neighborhoods. Prior to the program, nearly 80,000 businesses and multifamily buildings received waste collection services from unregulated private haulers. Working with Universal Waste Systems, Inc. (UWS), The Robert Group is leading outreach for the program in the Northeast Los Angeles zone. TRG is developing a strategic outreach plan to engage key stakeholders and increase awareness about the benefits of the program.

For additional information on the project, click here. We sure have come a long way to help shape how we recycle and how our work continues to help shape recycling and food waste habits in LA, learn more here.