What We Do

Community Outreach

We are a reflection of our community. Engaging community stakeholders is essential and we accomplish that with over 20 years of experience; through a transparent, multi-platform outreach approach aimed at building trust and consensus. Our presence in the community is reflected in our day to day commitment, professionally and personally. Read More >

Strategic Communications

Communication is key. Our expertise lies in translating complex policies, broad programs, and technical information into clear, public-friendly concepts for stakeholders. We're well-immersed in all of the media and mediums available today. Our innovative solutions earned us a 2010 innovation award via Harvard’s Bright Ideas Program. Read More >

Public Affairs

Public affairs is about the people, the message, and the medium. We craft creative, innovative solutions for complex public affairs challenges. Coordinating a wide range of stakeholder participation is our strength, as a result of our existing relationships with elected officials, businesses, community groups, and residents. Read More >

Latest News

Draft Revitalization Plan Unveiled for Lower L.A. River
December 11, 2017

In 2015, legislation passed by California State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon initiated the Lower Los Angeles River Working Group.  The group, which consists of community stakeholders and cities in Southeast L.

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LAX Takes First Step Toward Construction of $5.5-Billion Landside Access Modernization Project
December 08, 2017
Slowly but surely, LAX is moving forward with plans unsnarl the notorious traffic in its central terminal area.
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Los Angeles’s $120 Billion Bet On Transit Innovation
December 04, 2017

Now that Los Angeles has claimed the 2028 Olympics, it’s embarking on an ambitious effort to reduce congestion and transform the city’s transportation infrastructure.

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