What We Do

Community Outreach

We are a reflection of our community. Engaging community stakeholders is essential and we accomplish that with over 20 years of experience; through a transparent, multi-platform outreach approach aimed at building trust and consensus. Our presence in the community is reflected in our day to day commitment, professionally and personally. Read More >

Strategic Communications

Communication is key. Our expertise lies in translating complex policies, broad programs, and technical information into clear, public-friendly concepts for stakeholders. We're well-immersed in all of the media and mediums available today. Our innovative solutions earned us a 2010 innovation award via Harvard’s Bright Ideas Program. Read More >

Public Affairs

Public affairs is about the people, the message, and the medium. We craft creative, innovative solutions for complex public affairs challenges. Coordinating a wide range of stakeholder participation is our strength, as a result of our existing relationships with elected officials, businesses, community groups, and residents. Read More >

Latest News

Super Bowl in Los Angeles is delayed a year; Inglewood will host in 2022
May 24, 2017

Call it the Super Bowl Reshuffle.

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LA 84 – Successful Olympics Demonstrates LA Know How
May 23, 2017

The notion of “legacy” has been a big part of the Olympic movement over the years. It’s a catch-all phrase that refers to the International Olympic Committee’s oft-stated desire to leave a

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Ridership climbs, planning efforts lag as Expo Line extension marks first birthday
May 22, 2017

How do you judge a new light-rail line? How do you decide if it has succeeded or failed? How do you measure the ways it has changed — or failed to change — a neighborhood? A city?

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