LA Sanitation and Environment

Curb Your Food Waste LA

LASAN’s Curb Your Food Waste LA is a food waste prevention and recycling pilot that includes approximately 18,000 households in 25 neighborhoods across the City of Los Angeles.

During this one-year pilot, participants have learned to shop smart, waste less food, and recycle the rest. This pilot program is helping Los Angeles prepare for the future as statewide targets for reducing organics disposal and increasing food recovery take effect starting in 2020.

TRG has played a leading role in creating educational and outreach materials used to engage participants, support the door-to door engagement, distribute at public events, and employ for other public interfaces. We also identified and conducted 20 of 30 community events, with a target of two (2) in each council district. These events have been taking place at recreation centers, community centers, LA City parks, community gardens and farmers’ markets across the City of Los Angeles. Additionally, TRG has developed and implemented a thorough media program that includes content for the City’s website, multi-lingual how-to videos, newsletter mailers and event invitation postcards.  Upon completion of the pilot program, we will help provide a final participant behavioral survey to obtain program feedback and additional information. TRG is proud to be a part of a program that is helping Los Angeles prepare for a zero-waste future!