City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering

Silver Lake Reservoir Complex Master Plan

In March 2018, City Council approved a Memorandum Agreement between the Bureau of Engineering (BOE) and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), which allowed BOE to begin the Silver Lake Reservoir Complex Master Plan (SLRCMP). The Silver Lake Reservoir and Ivanhoe Reservoir were taken out of service and decomissioned in 2007 and 2017, respectively, which led to the exciting opportunity to repurpose the reservoir complex and the surrounding site. The SLRCMP will guide improvements, while protecting the unique nature of the reservoir complex and blend urban wilderness with recreational spaces.

The Robert Group (TRG) is part of the team planning and designing the SLRCMP and leading the public engagement efforts. Our team is responsible for developing messaging, creating awareness, and building trust and consensus within the community. TRG kicked off the project by preparing a separate Public Engagement Plan (PEP) that strategically targets the unique demographics and audiences within the Silver Lake community and surrounding area and utilizes creative means of reaching stakeholders where they eat, shop and recreate.

TRG is also responsible for coordinating and facilitating community workshops that engage the community through creative methods, such as interactive map activities and print and online questionnaires to allow community members to participate at the various levels in design.

Given the unique neighborhood and previous controversial projects in the Reservoir Complex, TRG has coordinated pop-up events and coordinated with the project’s Stakeholder Working Group to actively include local students within the community to participate in the project.